Automatic CV Brake Shoe Lining Combined Grinding Machine Production Line



Automatic CV Brake Shoe Lining Combined Grinding Machine Line is an assembled production for CV brake linings, including arc grinding, holes driling,out arc grinding and dust cleaning,with higher automation, to increase the production efficiency and save the labor cost.

Processing Procedures:

This CV Brake Shoe Lining Grinding Line can be designed to be U Type layout or straight line type, U type layout needs about 9*8 meters, the straight line layout needs about 13.5*3 meters space.

The brake linings will be processed by the inner arc combined grinding machines to finish the chamfering and inner arc grinding, then move to the double side warnning line grinding machine to make the sensor lines, then move to the automatic drilling machines, after that, it will goes to the out arc grinding machine and dust cleanning machine.

Automatic CV Brake Shoe Lining Combined Grinding Machine

Manpower Need:

U type layout can be worked by 3 shifts, 2 workers, one for operating, one for insepct.

Straight line layout can be worked by 3 shifts, 3 workers, two for operating,one for inspect.

Products Type:

This production line can work for different sizes of brake linings by changing the grinding wheels or the toolings on machine, it is suitable for R185-R205, Width of ≥160mm, which also can be customized according to product’s dimensions.

Production Capacity:

2400-3000 pcs/8 hours

Technical Parameters:
单条流水线总功率约 55 KW,抽尘风口速度需大于20m/s,总抽风量约10000M3/h,需按要求外接除尘机组。

-Total Power: 55KW
– Dust Colleact Port: 大于20m/s
– Total Wind Power: 10000M3/h

I. 内弧组合磨床
I. CV Brake Lining Inner Arc Combined Grinder

  • Products Range:R170mm-R205MM;Width 150-230mm
  • 产品尺寸:R170mm-R205MM;宽度150-230mm
  • Total Power:18kw
  • 总功率:18 kw
  • Weight:3100kg
  • 总重:3100kg
  • Production Capacity:2800-3400pcs (8 hours)
  • 生产效率:2800-3400 片/8小时
  • Machine Size: 3650mm*1250mm*1700mm
  • 设备尺寸:3650mm*1250mm*1700mm

II. CV Brake Lining Warning Line Grinder
II. 来令片警戒线磨床

  • Processing Range:R180 – R205
  • 产品尺寸:R180-R205
  • Product Height:150mm – 230mm
  • 产品高度:150mm-230mm
  • Working Efficiency:10000pcs/8 hours
  • 生产效率:10000片/8小时
  • Size:1300mm*1400mm*1400mm
  • 设备尺寸:1300mm*1400mm*1400mm
  • Machine Weight: 450kg
  • 设备重量:450kg
  • Total Power:6kw
  • 总功率:6kw

III.CV Brake Lining CNC Hole Drilling Machine

  • Processing Range: R180mm-R205mm
  • 产品尺寸:R180mm-R205mm, Custimized.
  • Width Range: 150mm-230mm
  • 产品宽度:150mm-230mm
  • Holes Shape: Adjustable
  • 钻孔类型:可调
  • Motor: 7 KW
  • 功率:7 kw
  • Feeding: Manual or Automatic
  • 喂料机构:手工/自动
  • Production Capacity: 2000pcs-2500pcs/8 hours
  • 生产效率:2000-2500片/8小时
  • Dust Collector: φ114mm*1pcs;φ50mm*2pcs
  • 除尘口:φ114mm 1个;φ50mm 2个
  • Machine Size: 1350mm*1250mm*1900mm
  • 设备尺寸:1350mm*1250mm*1900mm
  • Machine Weight: 1800KGS
  • 设备总重:1800kgs

IV. CV Brake Lining Out Arc Grinder (PLC Controlled)
IV. 来令片外弧数控磨床

  • Machine Size:1700MM*1500MM*1750MM
  • 设备尺寸:1700MM*1500MM*1750MM
  • Machine Weight:2150kg
  • 设备总重:2150kg
  • Production Capacity:4500 – 5000Pcs/8 hours
  • 生产效率:4500-5000片/8小时
  • Max Piece Height:260mm
  • 最大产品高度:260mm
  • Processing Range: R180-R205
  • 产品尺寸范围:R180-R205mm
  • Motor Power: 22kw;1440rpm
  • 电机:22kw;1440 rpm

V. Dust Cleanning Machine
V. 刷灰机

  • Machine Size:1850mm×800×1300mm
  • 设备尺寸:1850mm×800×1300mm
  • Machine Weight: 500kg
  • 设备总重:500kg
  • Production Capacity: 6000Pcs/8 hours
  • 生产效率:6000片/8小时
  • Max Piece Height:260mm
  • 最大产品高度:260mm
  • Processing Range: L170-L230
  • 产品弦长范围:L170-L230mm
  • Motor Power: 3.7kw
  • 电机:3.7 kw