Automatic Brake Pad Press Machine Group Set with Weighting System


带称料系统的自动刹车片热压机组是由称料系统、1至6台热压机、行走架自动机械手及其他配件组合而成。 整个生产过程中主要负责以下6道工序:

Automatic Brake Pad Press Machine Group Set with Weighting System is a combination of a weighing system, 1 to 6 units of hot pressers, automatic manipulators on travelling rack, and other accessories. It is mainly responsible for the following 6 procedures during the whole production process.

  • 一层或双层摩擦混合物称重
  • One-layer or double-layer friction mixes weighing
  • 混合压平(带底层预压)
  • Mixes flattening(pre-pressingif with under-layer)
  • 料盘输送
  • Material tray transporting
  • 喂料
  • Mixes feeding
  • 完成刹车片抓取
  • Finishing brake pads grabbing
  • 模具清洗
  • Mold cleaning


Automatic Brake Pad Press Machine Group Set Equipment structure diagram


Equipment Layout Diagram 1: Equipment Top View


(It is only for illustration and position reference)


Equipment floor plan 2: Equipment front view


(It is only for illustration and position reference)


Equipment Plane Layout 3: Equipment Side View


(It is only for illustration and position reference)


Designing Concept

该自动设备分为 4 个区块:

This automatic equipment is divided into 4 blocks:

第 1 部分:称料机

Block 1: Weighing Machines

称料机由一台第一层混合称重机和一台下层混合称重机组成。 称重后的物料储存在给料机中。 (如果刹车片配方只需要一层混合物,则只需在该系统中配备一台称重机即可)。

The weighing machine is composed of one first layer mix weighing machine and the under layer mix weighing machine. The weighed materials are stored in the feeder. (If only one layer mixture is required for the brake pads formula, thus just equip one weighing machine into this system).

称重工作流程示意表;Schematic diagram of weighing workflow:

第 2 部分:送料桁架

Block 2: Feeder Trolley


The trolley transports the friction material tray to complete the work of retrieving, flattening, and pre-pressing;


Block3: Automatic Manipulators on Travelling Rack


The Manipulators completes the work of material tray grabbing, discharging the friction mixes, finished brake pads grabbing, mold cleaning, and return the material tray;


Block4Press Machines

整个系统可根据不同配方热压方式,设计配备1至6台压机。 如果压制时间短,称重系统将服务较少的压力机,反之则可以服务更多的压力机。 压机吨位和模具型腔应根据刹车片详细模型和所需压力公式进行设计。

The whole system can be designed to equip with 1 to 6 units of press machines, according to different formula hot pressing method. If the pressing time is short, the weighing system will serve less units of press machines, otherwise it can serve more press machines. Press machine tonnage and cavities of molds shall be designed based on detail model of brake pad and the formula required pressure.


Equipment Features:


The safety protection of this equipment is stable and reliable. Safety protection and corresponding safety reminders are set up in areas with potential safety hazards, such as mechanical movement.


The entire equipment does not use fasteners and parts that have not taken anti-falling control measures, so as to avoid any parts and fasteners falling off in the material box and silo.


The weighing formula, weight value, and alarm value can be set arbitrarily, and unqualified weight can be automatically eliminated. All network connections use RJ45 (network port) TCP-IP protocol communication interface, which is convenient for data storage and uploading of the upper computer management system.


The layout of each mechanism of the equipment is reasonable, and all sensors and mechanism parts that need to be adjusted are designed in obvious and easy-to-adjust positions.